Colin McGuire is a poet and performer from Glasgow, who lives in Edinburgh, who has written and performed relentlessly over the last fifteen years, building a reputation as a dynamic, engaging (and sometimes challenging) performer and poet. He has also been an ESOL teacher for the last seven years, teaching english young learners and adults from across Europe and the world.


He is the author of three collections. His first self-published collection, 'Riddled with errors' (Clydesidepress, 2003), and his first chapbook, 'Everybody lie down and no one gets hurt,' (Red Squirrel Press, 2013), and his first full collection, 'As I sit quietly, I begin to smell burning,' (Red Squirrel Press, 2014).


He has performed in countless poetry cabarets and slam performances across Scotland and the U.K., winning the Shore Poets Quiet Slam in 2014, and the Luminate Slam 2015 and he got to the semi-final in the BBC Fringe Slam in 2013. He has facilitated the Artcore: Writers Inc Group at Edinburgh Central Library in 2016.


He is writing often covers such themes as mindfulness meditation, the exploration of masculinity and sexuality in a Scottish context, and more broadly, as well as, identity and ill mental health issues; furthermore, he is also interested in technology and its social impact. He has always had a fascination with sleep and the processes of sleep which make up the body of his first chapbook 'Everybody lie down and no-one gets hurt'. His performances are always passionate, humorous, with a poetry that is full of colour and surreality. 


He is currently studying an introduction to mindfulness meditation in everyday life, considering studying for a Delta qualification, and busy working on a new collection of poetry for 2017.